Asian Kick #1 – The Refrigerator Stirfry

Posted on January 20, 2011


I’ve been on an Asian food kick lately. Mainly because it’s not only yummy and heavy on healthy veggies, but can also be fairly easy depending on what you make.

I’m a fan of the stirfry and spring roll approaches.

Here are two easy peezy things that I whipped up on weeknights.

One: The Refrigerator Stirfry.

I had made some coconut rice the night before for another meal and still had some left over.

I also had a few strips of chicken filet hanging around in the fridge (about 100 grams worth), and some veggies (broccoli, onions, spinach, tomatoes and mushrooms).

I heated up a pan. Drizzled about a teaspoon of olive oil, a spoonful of diced garlic and a handful of diced onion and the strips of chicken filet.

Threw some salt, pepper, and onion powder on the chicken as it cooked. When the chicken was half cooked I put the mushrooms and lightly steamed broccoli in the pan along with a 1/ 2 of the already cooked coconut rice. A drizzle of stirfry sauce and/or soy sauce.

Then I added a few cherry tomatoes and a handful or so of fresh spinach. Tossed that around with a bit more stirfry sauce.  Done! And ready for my belly.

Here is the result before it was scarfed down.

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